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The Indigenous people of Queensland worship Anjea as a fertility Goddess or Spirit. People’s souls reside within her in between their incarnations. She picks them up at their resting place in the sand which is marked with twigs. The twigs are arranged in the ground so as to form a circle, and they are held together at their tops. The spirits are then taken away for several years, but Anjea eventually creates new children from mud and places them in the wombs of future Mothers.

Your Anjea Experience

Your experience at Anjea Day Spa will have you escape to a tranquil place where wellness is nurtured and your inner self is harmonised. Anjea Day Spa is a place where caring is personalized and life is celebrated. From the moment you enter our sanctuary you will feel a wave of calm wash over you. At Anjea you will be suspended in pure tranquility, where muscle tension and the mind’s concerns simply melt away leaving you to emerge refreshed, balanced and energized. We aim to exceed your expectations and to deliver the ultimate in well-being.

Handy Information

The Spa is an area of relaxation and tranquility. We ask that you respect other guests’ right to privacy and quiet. Please leave your mobile phones turned off and keep voice levels to a minimum. The Spa is a non-smoking area. The excessive consumption of alcohol prior or after any treatment in the Spa is contraindicated.

What should I wear?

Our primary concern is maintaining your sense of dignity and well-being. Our therapists will drape you correctly in order to respect your comfort and privacy. Robes/sarongs/slippers, and disposable underwear are provided.

When should I arrive?

For you to enjoy the full value of your Spa journey, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your treatment to change into your sarong or robe, relax with our signature welcome drink as you fill in your consultation card.

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